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This area of AntiPoetics is essentially a museum of junk. Worthless, useless, and boring junk that I have collected for some odd reason or other. Okay... Some of this stuff isn't really that bad. Actually, I think some of it's great. Some of this stuff might actually be worth something too! So... Have a look and try to stay awake or something. Yeah.


Godzilla Pencil Cup

It's Godzilla... as a pencil cup.

Arcade Joystick

It's a homemade arcade-style joystick panel... woo...

Robot Shrine

A small shrine dedicated to robots, mecha and my collection of related toys and items.


A garden gnome... and... well... two heads are better than one?

Mechanical Pencils

Photos of mechanical pencils. What else is there to say?

Ceramic Hand

Oh yes... it's a ceramic hand.

Antique Dunkin' Donuts Bag

Amazing and rare, it's an antique wax paper bag from Dunkin Donuts.

Kinder Surprise

An excellent chocolate candy with a toy surprise inside.

Pez Collection

Don't get me wrong, Pez is a great candy, but the dispensers... that's where the action's at.

Very Large Bolt

One gigantic bolt and/or overkill paperweight.

Lego Shrine

Little plastic bricks that I can't live without.

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