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Arcade Joystick

So... back in November of 1999 I built an arcade-style joystick panel. Seemed like a good thing to do at the time. I ordered an Ultimate Joystick and some Ultimate Pushbuttons from Happ Controls. Shoddily constructed from pine, Lexan, screws, spray paint and a bunch of wires... it works. Yeah.

After a few sketches it wasnít too hard to pull it all together. Well, nearly all of it. I sort of hit a wall when it came to getting it finished. Everything was ready to go except for the electronics. I thought about hacking up some old joysticks or a keyboard, but it never worked quite right. Thankfully, buying something purpose built is so much easier.

Anyhow, I ordered a GP-Wiz Eco 32 USB interface from It didnít take long to wrap everything up and my arcade-style joystick panel was finally functional. It still works twenty something years later.

Initial Sketch

Internal Layout

Finished Joystick

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