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Pez is one of those things that's been around my whole life. I remember going to grocery stores when I was little and getting dispensers from large cardboard clown displays. I picked up a few odd dispensers over the years but that was about it and it wasn't exactly a collection. However, a friend of mine in high school somehow managed to get me hooked on them. Now, I have a collection that is probably worth next to nothing and consumes a small amount of space here at AntiPoetics headquarters.

For those who don't know anything about Pez (do people like this really exist?), they're rectangular candy dispensed from, well, Pez dispensers. These are spring loaded lighter-like contraptions. The name Pez is derived from Pfefferminz and, as far as I know, was originally created as an alternative to smoking. This would be the reason for the cigarette-lighter-like dispenser. Adding interesting head shapes to the dispenser made them into the popular collectable they are today. Fun.

I actually bought a case of Peppermint Pez through a Pez mail-order catalog and split it with the same friend mentioned above. Wow was that stuff strong when I first opened the box. My favorite flavors would have to be Lemon, Strawberry, and Orange in that order. I've never been too fond of the Grape ones... such a shame letting good Pez go to waste but I just don't like grape candy. Someone I know actually sent me some Cola flavor Pez from somewhere in Europe. Very odd stuff, fizzy, white, and cola flavored. Yep.

Well, if you're interested in finding out more about Pez, you can visit or use any search engine and try your luck that way. A quick search will probably yield more information and pages than you could possibly want to look at. If you've decided that Pez is right for you, head out to a local grocery store, gas station, or other establishment that sells candy and you can obtain your very own Pez dispenser and Pez candy. So, this concludes the Pez page. Um... yeah.

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