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Welcome to my non-graphical artistic outlet. In this section I have made available a few of my poems for your reading pleasure. These were largely written in spare moments during classes, while wandering about my college campus, and whenever I had the time or impulse to write something down. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them, if you could even say that. Please feel free to comment on these via any of the contact links throughout AntiPoetics.


Nice Poems

Out of all of the poems on this site, these are my personal favorites.

All Poems

If you don't like categories, here's a nice big list of all of the poems.

Humorous Poems

Some words of warning: these poems were written mainly for my own amusement.

Office Supply Poems

What could possibly inspire more poeticism than office supplies?

Culinary Poems

Some random poetry involving various edible things.

Automotive Poems

It's almost impossible to escape automobiles, why not write poems about them?

Seasonal Poems

Poems involving seasons.

Love Poems

Love poems are pretty much requisite material.

Inanimate Object Poems

Things so uninspiring that I felt inspired to write poems involving them. Sometimes you just have to take a stand.

Serious Poems

Don't laugh.

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