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AntiPoetics is my little home on the web. As such, you'll find an assortment of random content that is a direct result of my interests, hobbies, and life in general. Updates are sporadic and will appear online as soon as I have them ready. If you have any suggestions for content, questions, concerns, etc., please let me know. In the mean time, enjoy! Now would be the time to start exploring.


I'm working on some changes to the site. If you encounter any broken links or if something goes missing, please feel free to say something. You can contact me through the Contact page. Novel, eh?


Updates that may appear in the near future: stuff, stuff, and more stuff. If you're lucky, maybe some assorted random things. If you can't wait for an update, you can always contact me via one of the Contact links and beg, offer to send money, things, etc. and the process might be sped up a bit.

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