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This area of AntiPoetics is home to my artistic creative outlet. The contents of these pages reflect only a small portion of my collection of odd photographs, digital imagery, and other artwork.

Take the time to look through my collection and see if you can find more than one way to interpret things. Comments and criticism are welcome via the contact links provided throughout the site.


Digital Photography

Photos taken with a digital camera. Yeah, I thought it was self explanitory too.


Ah... photos taken with good old fashioned film.

Photo Edits

Photography meets digital art.

Raster Art

An assortment of digital art made up of lots and lots of pixels.

Vector Art

A few examples of vector based illustrations I've made over the years.

Ink Blots

Amorphous blobs of ink, paint or whatever.

Other Art

Random other works of art that didn't fit into one of the above categories.

AI Art

Weird stuff created with AI software.

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