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Antique Dunkin' Donuts Bag

An antique bag from the well known donut chain. How would a person come across an antique as rare as this? It would seem that a waxed paper bag can make a rather good bookmark. Found inside an old book, this bag is in excellent condition other than the dirt which is much more pronounced on the bag's reverse. I wasn't able to come up with much information on the "Dunkie" character visible on this bag through multiple web searches. If anyone has any clue to the history behind this relic, I would love to know a little more! Yeah.

Note: The Dunkin Donuts web site contains a small history of the company but fails to make any mention of this character. I would assume they own any trademarks which might be associated with these images. However, I did not notice any markings of that kind on anything other than the bag's watermark. The Dunkin Donuts brand is obviously a registered trademark and I use it here only in the discussion of this piece. :)

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