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Kinder Surprise

I first discovered Kinder Surprise a few years ago. My sister brought back several of the eggs from a trip to France and I have been addicted ever since. Kinder Surprise is essentially a two-layer milk chocolate and white chocolate egg encompassing a plastic capsule. Contained within the capsule can be anything from a picture puzzle, toy vehicle, figurine, or other prize.

Example Kinder Surprise capsule contents:
Assembled Kinder Surprise toy:
Some items from my Kinder Surprise collection:

Unfortunately, due to an FDA requirement that inedible items not be placed inside food, the Kinder Surprise products aren't available in stores in the U.S. Can't imagine why companies can't put inedible things in food. (Keep that in mind the next time you buy a King's Cake for Mardi Gras.) If you have the opportunity to visit Canada or countries throughout Europe, I highly recommend you purchase a box of these. For more information on Kinder Surprise, just type those words into your favorite search engine or visit Kinder Surprise Canada.

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Kinder Surprise