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Tools for CorelDRAW X3

This area contains various utilities, VBA macros, and CSC scripts that I have written for use with CorelDRAW X3. Unless otherwise stated, they are provided free for personal use and have no warranty. However, I will attempt to correct any defects or make improvements as they are suggested or as I see fit. I have found many of these tools to be quite useful and I hope they are able to offer you the same benefit.

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AntiPoetics CorelDRAW Macros

Format: GMS
Version: 05-08-2008
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AntiPoetics CorelDRAW Macros

This GMS is a small collection of macros for use with CorelDRAW.

Draw Color Helper X3

Format: EXE
Version: 1.4.1
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Draw Color Helper X3

This EXE allows easy input and output of both fill and outline colors with editing in both Hex and Decimal.

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