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This little area of AntiPoetics is devoted to things which are destructive in the name of entertainment. Well, at the very least, it's devoted to destroying things while simultaneously creating something cool. However, please read the disclaimer before venturing off into any of the pages below.


The things discussed in these pages are purely for entertainment purposes only. If you attempt any of the things you read here then you accept FULL responsibility for the consequences. If your IQ is below 120, if you are under 18 years of age, or if you are not in a sound state of mind then do not attempt what you see in these pages. Hiring a trained professional is always a good idea. I might be persuaded to come to your house and provide you with a demonstration. (Note: I charge $2,000 per hour with a 1 hour minimum (paid in advance) and I only accept cash. hehe)

Also, it is worth remembering that just because someone says something is cool that doesn't mean you have to try it. If I told you going to Mime school was a great idea, that doesn't mean that you should actually attend one nor does it mean that it is actually a good idea. If you did something I said, such as writing "kick me" on your forehead or following any of the material outlined within these pages, you risk embarrassment and/or personal injury. If you fully agree that I am absolutely and in no way responsible for your actions then I give you permission to read the material in the Destruction pages. Have fun and remember, you can never be too careful!


Lost Five Dollar Bill

If they find it, maybe they'll return it for the reward... yeah.

Torched CD

CD-R disc + blow torch = fun

Microwaved CD

CD-R disc + Microwave = fun

Projectile Launcher

Mechanical pencils gone bad

Electrical Tape Magic Trick

Annoy your friends, make new enemies.

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