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Format: CSC, EXE
Version: 1.0.2


For use with Corel Photo-Paint 11

This script makes it simple to resize an object to a specific size in pixels with or without anti-aliasing. Bonus EXE version included will stay on top of the Photo-Paint window. The EXE requires Corel Script v9 runtime files.


Other Versions


No Changes

Proportional Resize without Anti-Aliasing

Proportional Resize with Anti-Aliasing

Non-proportional Resize with Anti-Aliasing


Extract the included CSC Script or EXE to a folder on your computer.


Run the CSC Script or EXE from the Tools menu by choosing Run Corel Script... Set the width and/or height values to the desired amount, optionally using the Proportional lock and Anti-Alias checkboxes, and then click Apply. The Reset button will set the width and height values to the object's current dimensions.

Note: This script will not function correctly if run from the Script Recorder docker.


For bug reporting, questions, comments, feature requests, etc., please send me a message via the Contact page.

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