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Answering Machine

Essentially, this is where you'll find random messages people have left on my answering machine. Um... yeah... so... check back, I'm bound to add more eventually.


Hang It Up

Left on my answering machine, some guy argues with a woman about calling the operator. Yeah, I don't really get it... but they left it for me and now I'm sharing with the world.

What's Up

I don't really understand what this guy said... and I don't think he knew he was talking to a machine.


Um... Hi?.

Collect from Jail

For a while I kept getting these on my machine. As far as I know I don't have any friends in jail. In any event, I was never around to accept one.

Happy Thanksgiving Jay

Thanksgiving day of 2003 I got this message from some random guy. I felt bad for him since he missed spending the holiday with a friend due to a wrong number. Nice message though.

Jay's Package

Same guy as above... he kept leaving messages on my machine and I was never around to answer and inform him of his mistake. Due to a lapse of judgement, I deleted some of the better ones. Maybe there'll be more next year.

Oh My Goodness

Best answering machine message yet. I don't know what she wanted... we'll just have to guess.

End of Messages

That's all there is for now. Check back soon!

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