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Torched CD

You're probably thinking this doesn't sound like much fun... but you could be wrong! So...? We start with a CD. As a matter of fact, I choose a perfectly useless CD. Okay... so, we have our CD. What comes next? The torch!

This is kind of torch I used for my experiment:

Very handy little gadget and the best part is the fuel source, not an expensive cartridge but a normal disposable/refillable lighter! Cool, eh?

Oh yeah, this might be the time to grab some safety goggles. You really wouldn't want to risk any sort of bodily injury so I would also recommend following proper safety guidelines for using your torch. Then there's the whole risk of inhaling toxic smoke that you might create if you actually started to burn the CD. Gas mask? That would probably be a good idea. Toxic smoke from burning plastic could probably give you lung cancer. Lung cancer = bad. A well-ventilated area would also be worth looking into... Hey, the great outdoors! Right, this isn't something to try in your living room so go outside.

Now that we have that out of the way, this is what you might get if you carefully torched the disc. The key to getting the disk to warp but not burn is to make small quick passes while making sure to not stay in any one spot for too long. If you see brown or black spots starting to form, move the flame away from the area or it might catch on fire. If done carefully, you will have a really nice piece of "art" that you can treasure for a lifetime.

This is a picture of a CD after being torched:

(Those of you who are more observant might take note as to what it was that got torched.) In any event, I didn't have the time or motivation to continue the pattern around the rest of the disc. If you wanted to take your time, you could probably come up with something quite spectacular.

Here's a close up of the melted part:

Your new creation might make a good ornament for an x-mas tree or rear view mirror. In addition, if you're desperate, it even works well as an inexpensive gift for that special someone!

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