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This area of AntiPoetics is devoted to creating practically useless junk out of relatively useful stuff. I know that seems like a bad thing but it all depends on your perspective. Some of the things detailed within these pages might actually prove quite useful. So, start reading. If there's anything here that you find truly useful, drop me a line via one of the contact links throughout AntiPoetics.


If you attempt any of the things you read in the following pages then you accept FULL responsibility for the consequences. These craft ideas are merely that, ideas. If you injure yourself, someone else, or damage anything in the process of trying anything detailed here then it's your own fault. Have fun and remember, you can never be too careful!


RJ-45 Monster

Ethernet cables gone bad.

Phono Plug Key Chain

Because there's nothing like having a mini-phono plug on your key chain.

Ethernet Cables

Network your computers with hand crimped and inexpensive cables!

Drilled Die Key Chain

Your keys will love you.

Sound Mute Phono Plug

Evil or practical, you decide.

Pin Back Buttons

How many pieces of flair are you wearing?

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